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What is DigiBoxx?

DigiBoxx is an Indian asset management and cloud storage provider, It was launched in December 2020 amid the huge wave of “Atmanirbhar Bharat’’ within the nation. The movement targets the ever growing dependence of Indians on foriegn service providers for almost all their needs. DigiBoxx came as an Indian tech startup in the cloud sector. It claims to be one of its kind indegenious SaaS providers with data security and data localisation as its main priorities. This company was brought out in public by Amitabh Kant, CEO NITI Aayog, with a very optimistic note for the future.

Is it a necessity?

In the cloud…

Let’s get into container orchestration with aws.

Hello readers! I hope you all are doing fine in your domains. Well, mine is cloud, and with this I’ll take you deep into this. Cloud is all over, and AWS dominates the cloud domain. Needless to say how it has revolutionarised the cloud space, and is moving further ahead with its continuously expanding services. In this article, we will be exploring one of its services ie, AWS Elastic Kuberneter Service (EKS) and simultaneously build a small Kubernetes (K8) application.


EKS is a fully managed kubernetes service provided by AWS to provision and…

Hello readers, hope you’re WFM.

Cloud is no doubt the most in-trend technology. Even the Artificial Intelligent systems leverage the benefits cloud extensively, making it even more demanded technology we have currently.

We’ve all been using cloud space for more than a decade, but apart from google drive, one hardly experiences the first-hand potential of cloud. This is because the entry barrier to this technology has been set so high, that a non-tech person is easily turned off to get the first-hand experience.

Ask someone about cloud, and the very first few word he speaks is servers. Now before cloud, you now have to understand…

The terminal is the most lethal weapon in the arsenal for a sysadmin. No GUI can ever replace the efficiency and power of Command Line Interface for a hard-core system engineer. All software applications make use of the power of the terminal behind the scenes. Interestingly, at the server level, there’s no GUI at all. The only two things you get is the a black screen, and a keyboard, and there it is, the entire organisation’s infrastructure is at your commands.

Well, the CLI isn’t loved initially. And there you got covered by the beautifully designed and smartly crafted UI…

Cheers, your computer got wings!

Well, I’m not here to explain what Cloud Computing is, but to unfold what cloud computing has to offer you and your (no matter of what size of ) organisation. Its so in-trends from the last few years that it is rare if not impossible to find someone unschooled of Cloud Computing.

Still to give you a start, and to wrap up the definition is the best possible layman’s terms :

A cloud computer is your very own computer that you can use anywhere and everywhere with the only requirement, internet .

A very illustrative picture

To dive deeper in cloud computing I would recommend some very descriptive blogs out there on medium.

But wait, where is the cloud?

Haha, do not reitirate the question. Even a toddler can show you…

Step-by-step towards the network

Hello readers, hope you all doing well.

For security researchers and hackers nmap must be their breakfast to start their day with. Well, given the diverse functionality and extreme flexibility, it certainly deserves its dominance.

nmap logo

Nmap (“Network Mapper”) is a free and open source utility for network discovery and security auditing. Many systems and network administrators also find it useful for tasks such as network inventory, managing service upgrade schedules, and monitoring host or service uptime.

There are a good number of blogs enumerating nmap usage, scan types and other utilities. I’ll personally list them at the end. But I…

Why GitHub Desktop when we’ve terminal?

No doubt, Command Line Interface (CLI) is super sexy! One of the best features of Git is that it works blazingly fast on the terminal. Working from command line consumes lesser RAM along with delivering quicker output. Since it has no graphical interface, the load on the system is less and CPU consumption is even lesser. Server have no UI, neither is required by Git. So you get an added advantage of learning Git from CLI. There’s never a minus in using Git from the terminal.

Well those were super bombastic technical concepts for…

What the heck is open-source?

Open-Source, usually a software or a program gives you access to the complete source code. It is visible to the entire world. The access may extend to its implementation, design, or sometimes even reconfiguration of the actual code-base.

Open Source Softwares encourages developers along with other contributors to freely share technological advancements so as to enhance human lifestyle, provide more comfort, upgrade product security and many more.

Well, who all are open-source?

Start naming technologies you’re aware of and google it! Chances are that 50% of them are open-source. Well, that was my stat. …

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