Checking off another one from my to-do list.

Launching my own weekly newsletter!

Creating a newsletter has been in my bucket list, but good things take time, and so I believe this was late. Not my issue though!

I invite you to my weekly newsletter, at Revue. I’ve released a quick note, about me and my purpose for this newsletter on the very first issue.
A quick subscription will make my future releases reach you at the earliest. So go ahead, hit the subscription.

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Disclaimer : The views on this article are purely my personal opinions. It has nothing to do with endorsement, or brand defamation. I encourage the dev community to take a look at this, and correct me if I’ve misunderstood any aspect of it.

What is DigiBoxx?


DigiBoxx is an Indian asset management and cloud storage provider, It was launched in December 2020 amid the huge wave of “Atmanirbhar Bharat’’ within the nation. The movement targets the ever growing dependence of Indians on foriegn service providers for almost all their needs. DigiBoxx came as an Indian tech…

Let’s get into container orchestration with aws.

Hello readers! I hope you all are doing fine in your domains. Well, mine is cloud, and with this I’ll take you deep into this. Cloud is all over, and AWS dominates the cloud domain. Needless to say how it has revolutionarised the…

Hello readers, hope you’re WFM.


Cloud is no doubt the most in-trend technology. Even the Artificial Intelligent systems leverage the benefits cloud extensively, making it even more demanded technology we have currently.

We’ve all been using cloud space for more than a decade, but apart from google drive, one hardly experiences the first-hand potential of…

The terminal is the most lethal weapon in the arsenal for a sysadmin. No GUI can ever replace the efficiency and power of Command Line Interface for a hard-core system engineer. All software applications make use of the power of the terminal behind the scenes. Interestingly, at the server level…

Step-by-step towards the network

Hello readers, hope you all doing well.

For security researchers and hackers nmap must be their breakfast to start their day with. Well, given the diverse functionality and extreme flexibility, it certainly deserves its dominance.

nmap logo
nmap logo

Why GitHub Desktop when we’ve terminal?

No doubt, Command Line Interface (CLI) is super sexy! One of the best features of Git is that it works blazingly fast on the terminal. Working from command line consumes lesser RAM along with delivering quicker output. Since it has no graphical interface, the…

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