E-mailing just got handy

But, what about emailing from the server?

Good news hackers, I got you!

Note :

  1. This is only one way mailing system. You can only send emails, and not receive from the other end.
  2. There are many such emailing services for systems, but I found this one the quickest way to get your set-up done.
  3. It can be very handy to send short code-snippets to your colleagues or quick messages to your loved ones, from a server itself.
  4. One of its primary use cases of ssmtp service is forwarding automated email (like system alerts) off your machine and to the admin email address for him to remain notified about system health.

Let’s Dive In

  1. Update and get youself the latest of all packages.
$ sudo apt-get update$ sudo apt-get upgrade
$ sudo apt-get install ssmtp
$ cd /etc/ssmtp/
$ sudo vim ssmtp.conf
allow access from gmail

Let’s send messages

1. The Quickest of all :

$ echo "Greetings from terminal" | sendmail receiver@gmail.com
email received at the other end

2. A bit descriptive :

$ sendmail receiver@gmail.com
Subject: Hello Boss
Wanted to tell you, the job's done!
Get the party ready.

3. Full explanatory email :

$ touch message
$ vim message
detailed email
$ sendmail -t < message
$ ssmtp -t < message


  1. With UseSTARTTLS=yes you can only set port to 587, and not to 465.
  2. Errors like authorization falied could be due to denied access to unsecure apps from gmail account. Refer final but most important step-4.
  3. Multi-Factor authentication doesn’t allow to to grant access to less secure apps. So remove the MFA from your account.
  4. Errors might occur due to parsing error in its To, From sections.

Hacks : my fav

  1. You can send emails with differThent usernames. The username in the email, is system username.

Kudos! Now you won’t have to switch back-and-forth the gmail for simple messaging. More importantly, you can configure your system to act smart, and alert you everytime it detects something fishy, like DoS attack, unauthorized login attempts, etc.




In love with open-source ❤️

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Vishal Gorai

Vishal Gorai

In love with open-source ❤️

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