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  • Nicholas Swift

    Nicholas Swift

    Software Engineer at Facebook

  • Vaidehi Joshi

    Vaidehi Joshi

    Writing words, writing code. Sometimes doing both at once.

  • Kirti Poonia

    Kirti Poonia

    I lead a sustainable fashion brand and feel the need to support the industry and it’s entrepreneurs with powerful insights and information.

  • Arun Ramachandran

    Arun Ramachandran

    Software Engineer at Microsoft

  • s3c


    An independent security researcher from kurdistan region / web developer

  • Divanshu Kumar

    Divanshu Kumar

    Interested in using first principles thinking with an entrepreneurial mindset to solve real-life problems. I currently run Involve Ed & Alcheme Robotics!

  • S k

    S k

  • Harshit Singh

    Harshit Singh

    Lunatic Procrastinator Of Codes and Stories. Love to explore tech while living life. Open Source Enthusiast mixed with tech geek :p

  • Medium Staff

    Medium Staff

    News and updates from the staff at Medium.

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