Why DigiBoxx, Why?

Disclaimer : The views on this article are purely my personal opinions. It has nothing to do with endorsement, or brand defamation. I encourage the dev community to take a look at this, and correct me if I’ve misunderstood any aspect of it.

What is DigiBoxx?


Is it a necessity?

Alternatives to digiboxx

My reviews 📑

UI/UX : 3/5

Digiboxx Mobile App login Screen

In contrast to the labels, the first textbox requires username and the second one requires your email 😆

Unresponsive buttons on DigiBoxx web

File Sharing: 3/5

Business Friendly : 2/5

Security: 1/5

Security Issue 1
Security Issue 2

My concerns 😯

“Whether it truly is Indian?”


Thanks for reading! 😃

In love with open-source ❤️

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